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Clinic Profile

Throughout the last 40 years, “Ledra”, the established obstetrics and gynecology clinic, has continued to develop and improve in all disciplines, guided by the most recent scientific techniques and methods.

Specifically, Dr. Takis Georgiou, the pioneer doctor of Ledra clinic has not only delivered the first “tube-baby” in Cyprus, but one of the first IVF babies in the Middle East and the Balkans.

During 2007, the clinic underwent a complete renovation. The actual building was enlarged and redecorated, and the latest contemporary medical equipment was purchased.
The clinic is distinguished for its aesthetics and functionality.

The clinic is a modern unit which consists of thirty-five employees (human resource), which apply in the contemporary European philosophy, that patients should be treated by a small unit/number of doctors in a friendly manner. Additionally, the clinic’s medical and paramedical personnel/staff/faculty is well-known for its medical capacity and scientific knowledge as well as its latest medical equipment.


Ledra clinic is in a position to offer a variety of services that a modern woman needs from her adolescence and reproductive years until a more mature age.


Five departments in operation:

1. Obstetrics/maternity unit
2. Gynecology unit
3. Fertility and in-vitro fertilization centre -Ledra-Embryogenesis
4. Plastic surgery unit
5. Guidance and psychological support unit




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